Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Claus

It's Christmas time again. Time for massive ad campaigns and things I don't need. It does help me turn off the television set. It does not, however, sell me products. Especially when work is slow and the last thing I need is a new car.

It is also a time for Santa. I always take photos at some of the many Santa events for kids. I feel for the Santa more than anything. First words out of this guys mouth to me: "Are you married? Don't do it or you'll end up dressed like me."

Tis the season.


Ivana Corsale said...

maaan, that sounded like a bitter Santa Klaus!

avs said...

yeah, plus santa did not know you have the coolest girlfriend ever. Merry Happy. Let's all get together soon!

Ivana Corsale said...

Awww! We should get together before Christmas...if you're in town!