Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Time...

Well...Here I am. It took me a while to make it.

This past year has been great. I have made many friends, traveled (albeit far to little) and worked on some great photos. Yet, in the months prior to this summer my focus centered on getting a job and leaned away from my general wellbeing and happiness. I must say this unconscious negative pattern left much to be desired both in my creative process as well as the quality of my photographs.

It only recently hit me that I have concentrated far too much on work and far too little on photography and why I need it. Over the summer I have tried to photograph for myself in an attempt to give me new motivation and direction. I am hoping that this practice will help guide me toward working in an environment that makes me happy in a complete sense.

My blog will give me the opportunity to show photos that would normally be lost in a folder only to be seen by me a year later. Hopefully they will let you see my world...or at least make you smile.

These first photos are from the beginning of the summer. I was able to reunite with a large group of my best friends from high school. We spent a week on the Green River in Utah. Away from everything. Needless to say, it was a grand adventure. The river is amazing.

I hope you enjoy them. I do.

Until next time...