Saturday, May 31, 2008

Horse Races & the Crowd

Lawn chairs next to chips. Dripping yellow cream and sizzling jalapeños on a crispy meat stick inside a bun. A tattoo, a brimmed hat and a shared moment.

Gossiping girls giggle and a 4-1 chance on number five is marked.

Out of the gate, a cheer rises as the trumpeting suit with a beard calls the seated. Grandpa's eye extensions hang from her neck in a land far from home.

After the first lap, a groan meets its mate...a torn wager.

Sun sets on a lit lawn and the next lap begins, seemingly unaffected by the chattering bugs.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Mexico

Driving in Texas is not fun at all. Never ending strips of flat land interrupted by reduced speed zones and a constant fear of a visit from the State Trooper. There are small areas of incline that do resemble the Old West I like to drive through.

It isn't until New Mexico that I can settle into my 75 mile per hour drive with vistas of plateaus, cacti, shrubs and bikers. The sky also glows with a greater expanse of pillowed clouds and pastel colors. That's what road trips are made for.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back To You...Its About Nothing

I am going to post for you again. Really. No joke.

It's not that I forgot about you. It just that I felt like recharging for a while.

I have one underexposed Polaroid and one blown out baseball photo. They don't match or even play off each other. I have them. And that is all.

I promise to keep you updated more often. Don't abandon me.